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Title: Гепатопротекторна ефективність препаратів есенціалє та гептрал за гострого паренхіматозного гепатиту у собак
Other Titles: Hepatoprotective efficacy essentiale and heptral for acute parenchymal hepatitis in dogs
Authors: Шульженко, Наталія Миколаївна
Shulzhenko, Natalіya
Волошина, Тетяна Олексіївна
Voloshyna, Tatyana
Keywords: собаки
гострий паренхіматозний гепатит
acute parenchymal hepatitis
терапевтична ефективність
therapeutic efficacy
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Дніпропетровський ДАЕУ
Citation: Шульженко Н. М. Гепатопротекторна ефективність препаратів есенціалє та гептрал за гострого паренхіматозного гепатиту у собак / Н. М. Шульженко, Т. О. Волошина // Науково-технічний бюлетень НДЦ біобезпеки та екологічного контролю ресурсів АПК / Дніпропетровський ДАЕУ. – 2015. – Т. 3. - № 1. – С. 50–55. – Режим доступу :
Abstract: Визначена терапевтична ефективність гепатопротекторів: есенціалє та гептрал за різних схем застосування собакам, хворим на гострий паренхіматозний гепатит неінфекційної природи. Встановлено, що динаміка біохімічних показників крові собак хворих на гострий паренхіматозний гепатит, особливо каталітична активність органоспецифічних ферментів, при поєднаній терапії гепатопротекторами гептрал і тіопротектин була клінічно кращою, ніж використання гепатопротекторів есенціале і тіопротектин. According to the state hospital of veterinary medicine. P`yatyhatky during the 2013-2015 biennium. Incidence of hepatitis in dogs was observed in 15.5% of calls to the clinic. The most frequently recorded nonspecific reactive hepatitis (46.5%) and invasive hepatitis, which arose as a result of babesiosis (37.5%). Toxic hepatitis observed in 13.5% of cases (a third of them might iatrogenic etiology, as history revealed previous therapy hepatotoxic drugs - tetracycline, vincristine, ivomekom, kanamycin, indomethacin, prednizalonom, paracetamol, etc.). Hepatitis infectious etiology took 2.5%. Acute parenchymal hepatitis in dogs manifested general depression, anorexia, bradycardia, diarrhea, polipnea, polydipsia, ikterus mucous membranes. Significant changes in acute parenchymal hepatitis in dogs was recorded in studies of blood, increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate, lower hematocrit, lower hemoglobin, neutrophil leukocytosis, thrombocytopenia negligible. Among the biochemical parameters of blood was recorded hypoproteinemia due to a decrease in albumin synthesis, reached a minimum in some dogs 51,5 ± 0,3 g / l. As was observed in dogs hlyukozemiya minimum – 3.1 mmol / L. Due urea azotemia occurred retention of 24,1 ± 0,2 mg% to 31,2 ± 0,4 mg%. Cholesterol progressively reduced in dogs within the normal range. Reduced liver function antitoxic appears sharp decrease bilirubin conjugation to 0.4-0.5 mmol / l, with the result that corrected thymol test. The catalytic activity of enzyme systems liver organ gave a demonstration and early signs of tension in acute hepatic parenchymal hepatitis. In dogs found blood ALT and ACT dramatically increased relative to normal, a sign of hepatitis. Cholinesterase activity, in contrast, dropped sharply to 266,2 ± 5,1 mmol / l. This trend continued in almost all animals before the end of the experimental period. Dynamics of the catalytic activity of LDH correlated with changes in cholinesterase activity. Along with acute hepatitis observed parenchymal uremic syndrome. It is characterized by the fact that the 5 day registered the maximum increase in the urine concentration of protein, sugar, bile acids, urobilin, Indican. During treatment noted a gradual decrease in the concentration of these substances. However, certain concentrations of them were higher than in healthy dogs. In conducting hepatoprotective therapy and intravenous Essenciale geptralom difference was observed in their clinical performance and normalize the catalytic activity of enzymes. In particular, the use of dogs geptralom parenchymal acute hepatitis, 3-4 day marked the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract: diarrhea stopped, resumed appetite. Disappeared ikterychnist, polydipsia, bradycardia, recovered reaction when communicating. On the contrary, the use of dogs essentiale marked the normalization of their activities – 5-7 days. Biochemical status showed a tendency to normalization of homeostasis. An indicator of recovery protein synthesis in liver function was to eliminate dysproteinemia. Using geptralom albumin levels increased up to 5 days maintaining this trend for 15 days decreased globulin concentration of 52,3 ± 3,3 g / L on day 3 to 38,0 ± 2,8 g / l in 5 days. In the control group the contents of albumin below the normal value from 5 to 15 days, and globulin – higher (41,4 ± 2,9 g / l 5 night with normalization only 15 days). Retention of nitrogenous slag decreased by urea, indicating the restoration antitoxic liver function, which was confirmed as the dynamics reduce its content in the control and experimental group. Hlyukozemiyi level in the experimental group remained within the normal range throughout the treatment period, whereas in the control group recorded hypoglycemia from 5 to 15 days. Dynamics of conjugated and unconjugated fractions of bilirubin in hepatoprotektyvniy therapy negatively correlated, indicating the restoration detoxification function of the liver. Faction unconjugated bilirubin in dog experimental group decreased from 2,9 ± 0,02 mmol / L for 1 day to 0,5 ± 0,01 mmol / l in 15 days. In contrast, a control group that received unconjugated bilirubin Essenciale fraction decreased from 3,1 ± 0,02 mmol / L for 1 day to 1,7 ± 0,02 mmol / L for 15 days. Increasing the conjugation of bilirubin, cholesterol combined with the restoration of the pool to the initial values in both groups. The catalytic activity of alkaline phosphatase in hepatoprotektyvniy SAMe therapy recovered to baseline at day 15, indicating normalization of bile formation and zhovchevyvedennya. Proof is the negative dynamics of bile acids in the urine for 10-15 days. In contrast, the control group in dogs that received essentiale activity of alkaline phosphatase is not normalized to 15 days, illustrating the phenomenon of cholestasis. The catalytic activity of ALT and serum ACT in dogs recovered to baseline to 10 days, and lactate dehydrogenase – up to 15 days. Application Hepatoprotectors geptral acute parenchymal hepatitis provides a pronounced therapeutic effect than essentiale, manifested restoration of functional state of the liver and the normalization of general clinical condition. The dynamics of blood biochemical parameters of patients with acute dogs parenchymal hepatitis, especially organ catalytic activity of enzymes in the combined therapy gepatoprotektoram geptral and tioprotektyn was clinically better than using hepatoprotectors essentiale and tioprotektyn. Conclusions and prospects for further development. Application hepatoprotectors geptral and tioprotektyn course of treatment for 15 days with infectious liver failure has a pronounced therapeutic effect manifested normalization of indicators of the functional state of the liver and the normalization of general clinical condition.
ISSN: 2409-9023
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