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Title: Influence of country of origin and lineage on the lifetime milk production of Holstein cows
Other Titles: Вплив країни походження та лінійної належності на тривалість виробництва молока корів голштинської породи
Authors: Mylostyvyi, Roman
Milostiviy, Roman
Milostivyiy, Roman
Mylostyvyi, R. V.
Mylostyvyi, Roman V.
Mylostyvy, R.
Mylostyvyi, R.
Милостивий, Роман Васильович
Kostiuk, Volodymyr
Костюк, Володимир
Chernenko, Oleksandr
Chernenko, O. M.
Chernenko, Oleksandr Mikolajovich
Chernenko, O.
Chernenko, Oleksandr M.
Chernenko, A.
Черненко, Олександр Миколайович
Khmeleva, Olena Volodymyrivna
Khmeleva, Helen
Khmeleva, Elena
Khmeleva, E.
Khmeleva, O. V.
Khmeleva, E. V.
Khmeleva, O.
Khmeleva, Olena
Хмельова, Олена Володимирівна
Duda, Yuliya
Duda, Y. V.
Duda, J. V.
Duda, Julia
Duda, Y.
Duda, J.
Duda, Yulia
Duda, Yu.
Duda, Yulia V.
Duda, Julia Viktorovna
Duda, Yu. V.
Дуда, Юлія Вікторівна
Izhboldina, O. O.
Izhboldina, O.
Izhboldina, Е. А.
Izhboldina, Н.
Izhboldina, Е.
Izhboldina, Olena
Іжболдіна, Олена Олександрівна
Keywords: influence of factors
вплив факторів
Holstein cows
голштинські корови
milk production
виробництво молока
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Mylostyvyi, R., Kostiuk, W. K., Chernenko, A., Khmeleva, O., Duda, J., & Izhboldina, E. (2020). Influence of country of origin and lineage on the lifetime milk production of Holstein cows. Roczniki Naukowe Polskiego Towarzystwa Zootechnicznego, 16(4, Accepted for print), 21–28. doi:10.5604/01.3001.0014.5682. URI :
Abstract: This work investigated the percentage influence of country of origin and lineage on parameters of lifetime milk production in Holstein cows brought as heifers to Ukraine from Western Europe. The animals were kept untethered in new, modern, uninsulated steel cowsheds in a large dairy complex. Data from the Orsek dairy management system were used to evaluate randomly selected cows of different origins with complete lactation for lifetime milk, fat and protein yield. Despite significant differences in milk productivity between animals depending on their country of origin and line, the share of the influence of these factors was fairly small. Two-way analysis of variance showed that the percentage influence of the line on lifetime milk yield was 5,5%, and its influence on the yield of milk fat and protein was 6,3-7,8%. The percentage influence of the country of origin was even smaller, at 0,5–2,6% (with a greater impact on milk yield). The rather small effect of the factors studied could be due to the influence of environmental factors (feeding and living conditions), which should be investigated in further studies.
Description: Милостивий Роман Васильович Черненко Олександр Миколайович Хмельова Олена Володимирівна Дуда Юлія Вікторівна Іжболдіна Олена Олександрівна
ISSN: 1733-7305
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